Essential Sociology (2nd Edition) - Seema, Shruti Jakhar, Nitin Sangwan (IAS) - Edugali

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The second edition of Essential Sociology now covers Sociology in an even more comprehensive manner. It is a result of extensive feedback by the beloved readers. The book will now cater to the needs of not only UPSC Civil Services aspirants, but NET aspirants and undergraduate students also. The language of the book has been further simplified in this edition. The book is divided into two parts and it covers Indian sociological thought in great detail with a contemporary touch.

**Multi-colour text and diagrams in this edition.

**50+ solved model questions which shall be particularly helpful for Civil Services Exam aspirants and college and university students.

**750+ new definitions in the book added as glossary for clear comprehension of the subject.

**Up to date statistics and figures till 2022 for providing the readers a contemporary perspective.

**100+ pages worth of new content in this edition.

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