Principles of Indian Geography (English | 1st Edition) For UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains - Study IQ

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Principles of Indian Geography aims to comprehensively address the syllabus of Indian Physical, Human and Economic Geography from the UPSC Civil Services Examinations perspective. The book has been updated as per the latest examination pattern and is also suitable for all other competitive examinations.

The book addresses all the major dimensions of the syllabus like:

  • Geomorphology: The geological structure of India, its various landforms and rivers.
  • Climatology: All climatic phenomena experience in India focusing on monsoon, el-nino, cyclones etc. and their impact.
  • Biogeography: Understanding Indian Soils and India’s Natural Vegetation Resources: Focusing Mineral, Energy and water resources of India
  • Human geography: Extensive analysis of population structure, the migration and settlement patterns, and planning of resources in India.
  • Economic geography: Comprehensively covering agriculture, manufacturing and the service sectors.

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