The Answer Writing Manual for UPSC Civil Services & State PSC Examinations - Srushti Deshmukh Gowda IAS - UPSC Guide

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WANT TO SCORE BETTER IN UPSC AND STATE CIVIL SERVICE MAINS EXAMS? LOOK NO FURTHER. The Answer Writing Manual is a step by step guide for Civil service Mains Examination which has both preparation and Answer Writing strategies in detail. The book is written to address all categories of aspirants, as a complete guide for the beginners and as a tool to help improve marks substantially for the veterans. WHAT DOES IT CONTAIN ? Lots of flowcharts, diagrams and personal notes Step by step approach to writing relevant answers Sample Answers and Essays for reference Note on Optional and Compulsory papers


The Answer writing manual is a very good book, Straight forward and easy to understand. And will be very helpful to the aspirants, Best wishes. Athar Aamir Khan , IAS 2016 Batch ( Rank 2 UPSC CSE 2015 )

The right manual to learn from and improve the answer writing skills in a quick, concise and organised manner. It covers preparation of all the GS papers through a systematic framework and also provides the right set of tricks, tips and strategies to improve the answers. Kanishak Kataria , IAS 2019 Batch ( Rank 1 UPSC CSE 2018 )

I feel that the book will facilitate aspirants in understanding the right approach towards answer writing. A comprehensive read, will enable aspirants to develop their own blueprints of answer writing and write each question to the best of their knowledge. Akshat Jain , IAS 2019 Batch ( Rank 2 UPSC CSE 2018 )

This book is an invaluable resource which takes the reader step by step in decoding the essentials of the answer writing for the civil services exam . Replete with examples, sample questions and visual presentation, it gives a very clear, succinct and useful guidance. Pradeep Singh Malik , IAS 2020 Batch ( Rank 1 UPSC CSE 2019 )

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