UPSC Mains Format Blank Answer Sheet Spiral Notebook - A4 Size, 70 GSM

UPSC Mains Format Blank Answer Sheet Spiral Notebook - A4 Size, 70 GSM


Description of product

Sheets which helps you improve Presentation/Style of answering UPSC Mains Paper keeping in mind WORD LIMIT - UPSC Mains Blank Answer Sheet

3 things to keep in mind while preparing for UPSC Mains Exam are Context, Presentation and most importantly Word Limit. Context is your knowledge and knowledge is like Ocean. But when you have to answer in limited words that too in defined space, you have to be selective choosing context and words. These UPSC Answer Sheets has UPSC Mains exam-sheets like margins, which helps you to plan your strategy, what to write what not to, and How to present it using Heading, Bulletin etc. so that you will not run out of space adhering word limit.

• UPSC Mains exam-sheets like margins printed on both side of sheet.
• A4 size spiral notebook with premium quality paper. Spiral Notebook to keep track of your practice.
• Suitable for every kind of pen be it Ball pen, Gel pen or Pilot pen.
• Helps to manage word limit for each question in given space
• Helps to get an idea , how your answer will look using Headings, Bulletin, Charts, Stats etc. in a given space adhering word limit

  • Cover design of the notebook is subject to change, it depends on stock availability. Random Picks
  • Contains Transparent Plastic Sheet as first Sheet of Notebook for Longer Durability and Color Plastic Sheet at the Back

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