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(Set of 13 Booklets) Vajiram & Ravi Handwritten/Class Notes 2020 - General Studies GS


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This Set of 13 booklets includes-

1. Indian Polity - By Ravindran Sir, Abhey Sir, Satvik Sir, Abhilash Sir and Avinash Sir

2. Economy - By Shyam Sundar Sir, Vibhas Sir, Kapooria Sir and Jayant Parikshit Sir

3. Economic Survey 2019-20

4. Geography - By Manocha Sir, Shiv Arpit Sir and Amit Garg Sir

5. Ancient India, Art & Culture 1 - By VK Jain Sir

6. Medeival India, Art & Culture 2 - By Rohan Sir

7. World History - By Awadh Ojha Sir

8. Modern India - By Parmar Sir

9. IR, Security, Post Independence - By Pavneet Sir and Iqbal Sir

10. Social Issues - By Sahil Goel Sir

11. Science & Technology - By Bindu Ma'am, Rahul Sir, Vinoy Krishna Sir and Ayaz Sir

12. Environment & Disaster Management - By Vaishali Ma'am

13. Ethics - By Mukul Pathak SIr, Brijendra Sir and Manikant Sir

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